PrePal, your preowned pricing pal, Part of the AnalogX Network
    Ok, so you are comfortable enough with yourself to admit that you're a gear junkie... But how are you going to impress your peers with your grasp of the used instrument arena? Simple, by signing up to the PrePal ListServer! Don't like to receive tons of irrelevant junk via email? Neither do I, this list is ONLY used for PrePal related information, and will NEVER be made available to anyone outside AnalogX/PrePal. So just what exactly will you be getting in the email? Why nothing but the latest information on new gear added to the site, information about new features or changes to the site, or anything else along those lines. PrePal ListServer messages will be sent out around once a month, to ensure that they always contain information that will be valuable, without wasting space. Sounds good? If so, sign up below!

The listserv is currently not accepting new users.

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