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    Welcome to the worlds largest online listing of used musical instrument prices, updated every day. Are you looking to buy something new, and want to make sure you're getting a good price? Or are you selling something that you no longer use, and would like to make sure you know what it's really worth? If that's what you're after, then you've come to the right place...
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New products and manufacturers are constantly being added to PrePal, with the entire website being regenerated at least once a week!
Over 4,000 products in the database!
Check the current street prices for used brand names like Emu, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, and many others!

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Finding used gear for sale just got easier...
    Every manufacturer page now links to a variety of websites that sell used equipment - an awesome way to keep up on what's selling where. Each link takes you to the specific site (such as SonicState or EBay) directly into the section dealing with that manufacturer or into a custom search designed to show you only what you're after.

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