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    In case you weren't aware, there are lots of other great sites around on the Internet apart from PrePal; here's some of the best:

AnalogXCreator of this site as well as free software, music, and more!
What Time Is ItThe name says it all; gives you current times from around the globe.
FruityLoopsOne of my personal favorite audio applications
Shareware Music MachineThe biggest/best audio software directory
SynthZoneThe first place to go when looking for audio information
SynthonyA great place to buy gear - very knowledgeable staff and great prices
WebScaleTests the contents and performance of website - excellent web utility!

    If you're looking for places on the Internet that sell used gear, then you'll definitely want to check out our list of online dealers:

Dealer ListAuction sites, classifieds, used dealers, and more!

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